Online Counter

Online Counter is a tool designed to help you keep a tally of anything you might need to count. 
You can use it to keep track of people, scores, goals, points, items, or anything else. The page opens up with the counter at zero by default. You can either count up or count down the numbers. The values can be negative or positive. Click on the button “Up” to increase the number on the counter, or “down” to decrease it. To reset the counter back to the number zero, just click on the button “Reset”.

This online counter also lets you set a starting value other than zero. This way, if you are way up on your counting and wish to use this counter to help you, you do not need to add the numbers one by one until you reach the value you are currently at. You only need to press the “Set Start Value” button and insert the number you want the tally counter to start with. This feature is also helpful when you need to do a countdown rather than a count up.

Next to the top right side of this page, you can also find the settings to change the color and font of the counter and the option to open it fullscreen.

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