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Online Basketball Scoreboard

Basketball Scoreboard is designed to help users monitor any game of this sport with ease. To the multipurpose scoreboard, new information is added including the fields to enter the name of the players, their fouls and their points, and the number of requested time-outs of each team.

This tool can help you keep track of the progress of any game, be it a competition among friends or a tournament. It organizes data in such a way that it is intuitive to use and to understand so that you can truly focus on what matters: the game. Afterward, you can also use the data you registered to help you build statistics or to monitor the progress and performance of the teams.

This basketball scoreboard can also be used in full-screen mode on your computer and you can easily cast it to other devices for it to be on display for a larger audience.

How to use this online Basketball Scoreboard

To take advantage of all the features of this tool, start by customizing the data on the scoreboard to the game you want to monitor. By default, the name of the teams are set as “Home” and “Visitor” but you can change them by clicking on these designations and using your keyboard to type in the names of each team. Likewise, you can type in the name of the players on each team on the boards on each side of the scoreboard. 

Once the game starts, you can either change the number of points using the central scoreboard or by adding to the data of each player, thus keeping track of the overall score and of how many points each player has scored. The method to record the number of fouls works in the same way. You can mark them down for each player or you can use the main scoreboard without attributing the foul to a specific person. 

A timer is also provided so that you can count down each period. You can use a default shortcut to set it or enter the time manually. Once the countdown is over, you will hear a sound alerting you. 

On the top right corner of the page, you will find the option to change the Basketball Scoreboard into full-screen. The settings menu is also available here. Use it to change the color and font of the numbers or to change the page into dark mode.

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