Online NBA Scoreboard

NBA Scoreboard is a tool that lets you personally monitor any game of the National Basketball Association so you can have your own statistics and data without having to rely on other sources. While enjoying a game, you can, at the same time, keep track of the performance of the players and the teams by noting down the points each one makes as well as their number of fouls. 

This online NBA scoreboard is also customizable, letting you write down the name of the players and the teams so you can easily know who is who and avoid making mistakes when recording the values.

How to use the online NBA Scoreboard

If you do not wish to customize the scoreboard to the game you are monitoring, you can start using it right away by clicking on the points below “Home” and “Visitor” to add to them. You can change the number of fouls and the period in the same way.

To customize the NBA Scoreboard, select the name of the players or the name of the teams (“Home” and “Visitor” by default) and type in the names you want using your keyboard. 

If you want to track down the performance of each player, you can use the columns on each side of the central scoreboard. Tap on the number next to each name to add the points scored by that player. The number of points is automatically added to the overall score of the team. Likewise, you can track their fouls by filling in the dots next to the player’s name. This will also add to the overall fouls of the team.

Additionally, you can keep track of the time of a play or a period using the timer below the scoreboard. Select a time shortcut or enter the time you want to start the countdown. Once the time you have defined is up, you will hear a sound alerting you.

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